In today's world sadly lacking in romantic poets and fairy godmothers, small gentle things can bring a smile... it's not all that difficult : a few bright colours, a little day-dreaming, a rainbow to climb... and there is more to come.
... first of all, you should start very young with serious books such as these - more of them lost along the way, alas - to learn what life really is all about.
through the looking glass... everything is upside down... there a mirrors even in the kitchen (the kitchen is a private space ! don't forget !) because mirrors make magic of everything...
flowers in the house ! as important as mirrors -
a reminder to carpe diem
no, our house is not furnished as a typical stereotyped Savoyard "chalet" - our barn is a family home filled up with heirlooms and family hand-me-downs and cherished treasures picked up for nothing (or almost nothing) in flea-markets... I hope you will like the result.
Cécile's wing chairrustic chairoh la vache !modern candle on Louis tableblown out candlenew and oldKitsch & KatKitsch aloneclassy-kitsch (or the other way around)camouflagesleeping in the sun
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and music also, of course
les poutres dans la grande salle...... et l'escalier
Quizz : where is the cat ?where the roses were before coming inside